Friday, 26 July 2013

Thank You For Sponsoring Me To Learn TM

I am writing to say thank you for the sponsorship towards my fees for the TM course. I feel very glad and grateful that I have had an opportunity to learn and practice TM.  Since I have been practising TM I feel much more centred within myself and that in turn helps my life to flow in the direction that is good for me and people around me. For example, shortly after I had learnt TM, an opportunity came to apply for a teaching job and continue my teacher training in Latvia. I went through an application process and got selected for the job and training. I will start the training this summer and will begin my employment as an English teacher this Autumn. I am looking forward to starting my new job and I feel full of joy and enthusiasm to pass on knowledge and love to pupils whom I will be teaching.
While I am still in Scotland, I have been practising TM twice every day. My life style is very active so I have discovered ways to meditate not only at home but also on the bus, train or in the library. I have also been enjoying group meditations at the Glasgow TM Centre. I have become more aware of Maharishi’s teachings and this knowledge in hand with regular meditation practice has helped to expand my consciousness. I have met many friendly and like-minded people at the TM Centre. Some of us have gone hill walking a couple of times within the last two months.

Life is full of joy and peace to experience within and share with others. I am happy to have TM in my life and thankful to every one who helped me to experience it.

Astra from Latvia April 2012

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