Monday, 9 September 2013

Thank You For Sponsoring Me to Learn TM

"I have been meditating for about three months now and could feel a change from day one. From the beginning I noticed any judgements dissolve, I felt more at peace and my relationships started to improve. I was also finding my studying difficult, but after my meditation I find my brain is like a sponge for information, I now get almost twice as much done as before. I see my mind and body as a sort of biological super computer that has been running all my life without any protection, now with this effortless technique of transcendental meditation it is like running an anti virus programme on a PC, it begins to clear out all of the 'junk' picked up over the years enabling you to gradually reach your full potential. I would recommend this technique to everyone especially if they had any physical or mental health problems, trouble sleeping or trouble with addictions. I feel more energized and more confident every day and I can't thank The Glasgow TM Centre and The David Lynch Foundation enough for making this possible for me."  Neil S.  September 2013.

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