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Maharishi Light Therapy & Maharishi Aroma Therapy

Introductory Workshop

Thurs 21 September 2017
£10 (free to those having a consultation)
open to the public

Maharishi Aroma and Light Therapy with Gems are Ayurvedic treatment modalities. Maharishi AyurVeda is respected as the oldest health care programme in the world.

The treatments are non-invasive, very refined and enliven the body’s own inner self-healing mechanism to maintain body, mind and emotions in health and harmony.

During the workshops we will go deeply into the value of the treatments and how they were developed. There will be a chance to experience a few gemstone beamers and essential oils. There will be information on how to use the oils in the daily routine, for the most common ailments and in cosmetics.

Personal consultations available:

Glasgow: Introductory workshop 21 September 7-9pm
Treatments 21- 23 September
To book: Glasgow TM Centre, Third Floor, 111 Union Street, G1 3TA, E:, T: 0141 221 6333

Dundee:  Introductory workshop 24 September 7-9pm
Treatments 24 – 26 September
To book: Whiteroom yoga, 1 Balmore Lodge, 1 West Road
Newport-on-Tay, DD6 8HH, E:, T: 07837 000 128

Edinburgh:  Introductory workshop Wednesday 27 September 7.30pm
Treatments 27 – 30 September
To book: Edinburgh, 17 a/1 West Crosscauseway, EH8 9JW, E:, T: 0131 668 1649

Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems has been developed by Dr. Joahcim Roller, a German gemologist and gold smith under the direct guidance of Maharishi and in accordance with the Ayur Vedic texts.  The treatment starts by having the experience of each gemstone and on the basis of the experiences one has, the gems that are used during the second part of the treatment are chosen. During the treatment one bathes in the light of the most beautiful gems one can imagine: Diamond, sapphires, ruby, emerald etc.  Read more

Benefits include:
Improved health
More luck
Minimized physical and emotional trauma
More self-confidence
Better sleep
Reversal of aging
More ease in daily life
Experiences of higher states of consciousness
Children with health problems or ADHD experience more stable health and improved learning

Maharishi Aroma therapy
Essential oils are the essence of the plant and have been used by man throughout time. Evidence of the use of the healing properties of plants has been found even in Neanderthal graves and we have known of the use of essential oils and fragrances to help heal and nourish for centuries. The AyurVedic texts mention the use of garlands and masks based on plant material to strengthen, energize, nourish, bring stability, happiness, long life and to protect against calamities. The AyurVedic texts also give detailed instructions for massage with essential oils.

Maharishi Aroma Thearpy was also developed under Maharishi’s direct guidance and in consultation with the most experienced Vaidyas (Ayur Vedic experts).  During a consultation essential oils are chosen to promote balancing the complaints that are brought up and detailed instructions in how to use them are given: as inhalation, externally etc.  Most people say they have had good use of the oils they have been recommended, they feel they bring support and wellbeing in their daily life and in challenging situations.  Read more

£50 for 1 session of MLG (60-75 mins)
£135 for 3 sessions of MLG

£45 for 1 session of Maharishi Aroma (60 mins)

£165 package of 3 MLG and 1 Maharishi Aroma session

Treatments and workshops are open to everyone – also those that do not practise TM!

Interview on Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems watch

Results reported by a practitioner of MLG, transcript:

Some of the very common results are that people who have injuries or traumas notice that those areas of their physiology the light goes there and they comment that they don’t even remember having injured that part of the body and they feel the area is being released of that trauma and the memory of the trauma that is deeply seated in their physiology, and they feel lighter afterwards
So many results like this, it is a joy to see these results, emotional traumas, any kind just go away
But my favourite experience has been with children. Children that are very hyperactive and have health problems. They love it. They love this therapy. Children who can’t keep their attention or they don’t have any span of attention. They love it. They immediately feel calmer, soothed by the light, it is very familiar to them, it is very effortless, I recommend it to all those parents that have children with learning difficulties or any health conditions, because children are simple and very honest, their reaction is easy, you can read it immediately. They know exactly what they need, so I strongly recommend this therapy for children.

About Lisbet Norgaard: She has been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1977 and worked for more than 30 years internationally in the TM Movement before returning to her home country, Denmark in 2015. In 2013 she graduated as Aromatherapist and practitioner of Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems from Maharishi College of Vedic Medicine in Holland. Since then she has taken several advanced courses and done extensive self- study and also assisted with a course to train practitioners of MLG. She is publishing a popular monthly news-letter and is travelling Europe giving treatments


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