Saturday, 15 April 2017

Sixth European Group Meditation Sat 29 April 15:30

Saturday 29 April 15:30-18:00 
Glasgow TM Centre
Dundee (Invercarse Hotel)

Professor of computer mathematics 
The role of science for meditators and the role of meditation for scientists

We will connect our group meditation with the large European-wide groups live through video conference.  TM Groups in Africa will also join.  Over 1000+ meditators expected.

These group meditations are really trans-formative, powerful and blissful!


'A wonderful feeling of bliss and lightness.... An overwhelming feeling of togetherness also…'

'A wonderful feeling knowing that 100's of meditators were there with me, from places I had never heard of. Peaceful and Tranquil. Thank you.'

'Meditation was really deep. I've never experienced one like that before. I have now been doing TM all the time, twice a day, every day for the last 2 months.'   

Note: All events free to those who have learned in last 6 months except coherence days and advanced techniques otherwise a donation of £5/10 is gratefully received.

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T: 0141 221 6333 / 07811 144674 Angela
07964 231 499 Iain

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